Mid-week Mumble: Spider/Cricket

I had an interesting experience at work the other day.


Figuring Out the Options

Got very overwhelmed lately, thinking about all the different ways that a writer can engage with peers and fans online to create a platform. To make friends, and to talk with possible readers, and to learn from other writers and mentors. There are so many different ways! Continue reading “Figuring Out the Options”

Agents, Twitter, and the Nincompoop (aka Me)

As a part of building my platform, I’ve been trying out Twitter, to mixed results. But one question occurred to me as I was looking for people to follow: when exactly should I follow literary agents on Twitter? It’s useful for getting to know them, certainly, but is there a protocol involved? Should I blindly follow all those agents who I might pursue? How does this work? Continue reading “Agents, Twitter, and the Nincompoop (aka Me)”