What on earth makes a good topic for the first blog post of the year?

Happy New Year!

I have no idea what to write about this week. I was on vacation and I turned my brain off as much as is possible, and then when work started up again I was busy thinking about that and my schedule and those kinds of things, so there was still not a lot of thinking about what a post could be about. Continue reading “What on earth makes a good topic for the first blog post of the year?”


Insert Introductory Witticism Here

I am a writer. No matter what I put on this blog from now on, whether it’s drivel or the most brilliant words of the 21st century, I will be a writer. It’s what I love to do.

The problem I am presently facing (after a number of years writing fairly productively) is becoming an author, here defining an author as a writer whose work is published. I’ve written a few novels and a number of short stories, and I think I’ve gotten the process down well enough that I know what I’m doing. I’ve shown it to people (mostly my own family, but still) and they think it’s pretty good. I don’t know how good it is, but it’s good enough that I am going to try and get it published.

There lies the trouble, because I am not a salesperson.

As I have come to learn over the past several years, becoming an author is a two-part process. First you write the book (and then you rewrite it, and rewrite it again, and send it to other people who tell you how to actually fix the problems with it, and so on). Then you have to market it.

From what I’ve seen, the number one thing necessary on the endless query letters sent to beleaguered agents and editors is to have a platform. In a world of thousands of writers who are at least pretty decent with prose, it is important to have a platform to metaphorically stand on to show that other people think your writing is already pretty good.

This blog is building my platform. I almost wrote “attempting to build my platform” but that’s not true anymore. I am building a platform, and even if this crashes and burns, I will still have learned some valuable lessons in what not to do. Hopefully I can avoid anything really embarrassing on the way.

The idea here, as evidenced by the name of the blog, is to build a writing platform that I can use to get my writing published. I have no idea what I’m doing, but I don’t think very many people do. As such, I’ll use this blog to record my progress on that front, to write down what works (for me, at least) and what doesn’t, to compile a list of resources and plans and encouragement that will hopefully help others on the same path.

I’ll write about the process of constructing this website (because I am no web designer and it will be an ongoing process), finding writing jobs to pad my resume, finding contests I like, editing my books, writing itself. The focus of this blog is the path to the platform.

Let’s see what will happen!

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