Mid-Week Mumble: Live Action Remake Fun

So, hey! I’m trying to make progress on my to-do list, which means finally getting to do some of the mid-week mumbles that I’ve been basically skipping through November.

This video is by Kilian Experience, and it made me laugh so hard. It’s a little long (about a half hour) but it’s really funny.

Mid-Week Mumble: NaNo Midpoint

(Yes, I know it’s the weekend. This is just when I got to this item on my to-do list and I don’t want to change the naming convention.)

This has not been my greatest year ever, so far. I’m currently sitting at 5788 words, which puts me at about 20k behind where I should be. Oof. But if some people can finish 50k in a week, I can still do this. Especially since I did finish my outline. Sort of.

Mid-Week Mumble: Star Wars D6

Just finished an amazing campaign (courtesy of my brother the DM) in the Star Wars D6 system. It was epic! Highlights include facing down an Inquisitor, charging a droid walker, and stopping a planet-crushing gravity device. Personally, I got to bluff my way out of an Imperial base, headshot said Inquisitor, and bluff past a Star Destroyer to buy my friends time to steer us out of there. Loads of emotional impact.

Stories have value! And good stories that make you feel things are even better.