Writing Books On My Shelf

Writing is a skill that should be in constant development. And since most of us don’t have the time or money to constantly go to classes for it, a good alternative is to build a healthy bookshelf of books on the writing craft. In a lot of ways, the books are even better than a class since you can continually refer back to them and take them with you wherever you go. Here’s a few of mine that I really like having around.

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Mistborn Review

I almost titled this post “Brandon Sanderson’s books are my jam.” I recently finished reading the Mistborn trilogy by Brandon Sanderson and honestly now I think he’s one of my favorite authors. I can’t say for sure yet, because he’s got a fairly large body of work and I’ve only read this one series (oh, and Warbreaker) but at the very least I have really enjoyed reading these books. Based on these books, Brandon Sanderson writes the kinds of books that I like to read, so I’m going to keep reading them (when I can find them at the library, at least).

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The Value of a Decent Book

I’ve been reading the Codex Alera series by Jim Butcher. It’s a pretty standard fantasy series. The Roman-style setting is a bit different, but most of it is still a fairly standard set of twists and turns. The big twist is easily seen from the end of the first book, despite the fact that it’s not overtly stated until book 4. And I’m enjoying it.

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This Year in Reading

I’ve officially read 104 books this year, which works out to two a week. I’d like to thank the lockdowns for giving me the time and stress level required for such a feat. Also, on a less sarcastic note, my friend — for starting the Lord of the Readathon challenge which really boosted the number of books I read, as well as pushing me to read different books than I might have otherwise chosen. Also a thank you to my friend who loaned me the entirety of the Dresden Files, which was interesting enough that it kept me reading even after the summer challenge rush was over with.

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So I’m Doing a Readathon Now, Apparently

A friend has set a reading challenge for the next few months, and I’m going to give it a try. It’ll be a bit of a challenge because I’ve got a lot of other things I’m doing this month, but I like the idea of directing my reading a little bit and pushing myself beyond what I normally attempt. My usual goal is to read a book in 5-6 days, so that I can read 52 books in a year. To manage this challenge, it’ll be one every 3 days. Oof. Continue reading “So I’m Doing a Readathon Now, Apparently”