Mid-week Mumble: Music

So, I was supposed to post this on Wednesday, but unfortunately blogging pays no money so I am forced to keep up with my day job. Life got busy. Darn it.

And also I spent way too much time listening to this song.

It’s pretty epic. My favorite part is around 2:03. Check it out!



Hi! It’s been ages since I posted anything, but here I am again, hopefully now with a better way to run this blog. I’m excited to get back to it and see where this can go. Feel free to look around a little and ooo and ahh. Or not. However you’d like. Continue reading “Relaunch”

Delayed Openings

On an already busy day, I found out that the kids I babysit had a delayed opening for school, meaning that I was going to have to babysit them even longer. This was not a negative, it was an opportunity. I just had to find it. Which took kind of a while because I was pretty tired and grumpy. As it turned out, that day just kept getting better and better, until it actually did get better. Continue reading “Delayed Openings”