Mid-week Mumble: Enchantress Embroidered

I finished! It took me approximately two years (plus 6 months to knit a sweater, and about three more years of sporadic work before I really knuckled down to work on it), but I finished. Here’s a picture! (I am not a photographer, so bear with me.)

There are beads on that thing. And metallic thread.

Character: Ruby Grey

I’ve picked a different story than the character I used in my last post. I love that story and that set of characters but it’s going to take a lot more preparation and note collecting than I have time for in the coming month. So instead, I’m going to redo the whole questionnaire for my new main character, Ruby Gray. Continue reading “Character: Ruby Grey”

Mid-week Mumble: MUST EMBROIDER!!!

That’s all I’ve got. Writing habits have been nonexistent the past week simply because I’ve been busy and then tired when not busy. My only solace has been the cross stitch project I’ve been working on for…

I don’t know how long, but it’s almost done and I’m so excited. But I also have to write. So I wrote something, and now I’m going to watch Star Trek and stitch French knots.

Character File: Brenna Elakis

I’m still playing around with this story to see if it’s the one I want to write in November, and what better way than to pick at my main character and see if she’s got what it takes to carry a whole novel? Or at the very least, be a major POV character.

This time around I’m using a different questionnaire (found here from Go Teen Writers). Continue reading “Character File: Brenna Elakis”

Mid-week Mumble: Babysitting Math Problem

If a sixth grader has to be picked up by 2:30, have her luggage dropped at home, and then dropped at a second location right back by the school, and then drive 20 minutes to a  second babysitting job that starts at 3:30 and was only 10 minutes away from the luggage drop, how can the babysitter make this work without going insane?

Hint: she can’t. Learn to say no.

(Addendum: I did work it out by reversing the drop-off and the luggage drop, which shaved a half hour off my driving time. But it took me a half hour to get to that answer and it fried my nerves.)

Prompt #5: Narrator

Quick explanation: A few Christmases back I was given a “Writer Emergency Pack” deck of cards. This included a set of prompts. So I’m going to go through and follow them, to the best of my ability. Some of these will end up being parts of my works in progress, others will be standalone stories, depending entirely on my mood.

Let me know what you think of it!

This is Prompt #5: Imagine your story as told by an omniscient narrator. Continue reading “Prompt #5: Narrator”