Fun With Pinterest

I have an author Pinterest board. It doesn’t get a ton of traffic, but then again, it’s something that I do for the sheer fun of it and if it gets any attention at all that’s more than it probably deserves. It’s fun for me, though, and there’s pretty pictures so since I’m a fairly visual person that comes in handy. Continue reading “Fun With Pinterest”


Things I Have Forgotten This Week

This. This is why I’m obsessive about leaving myself notes and using to-do lists and alarms and reminders and all of it, because otherwise I make weird mistakes like these ones. Continue reading “Things I Have Forgotten This Week”

Delayed Openings

On an already busy day, I found out that the kids I babysit had a delayed opening for school, meaning that I was going to have to babysit them even longer. This was not a negative, it was an opportunity. I just had to find it. Which took kind of a while because I was pretty tired and grumpy. As it turned out, that day just kept getting better and better, until it actually did get better. Continue reading “Delayed Openings”

Finding the Fun

I’ve been writing a sequel to a book I wrote a while back called “Respawned.” It’s based around the idea of a minor character in a video game deciding he’s not going to just stand around and die anymore, and starts exploring, which in turn kind of breaks the game. It’s a bit like Wreck-It Ralph except the characters don’t know their in a game, specifically. Continue reading “Finding the Fun”

What on earth makes a good topic for the first blog post of the year?

Happy New Year!

I have no idea what to write about this week. I was on vacation and I turned my brain off as much as is possible, and then when work started up again I was busy thinking about that and my schedule and those kinds of things, so there was still not a lot of thinking about what a post could be about. Continue reading “What on earth makes a good topic for the first blog post of the year?”