I Missed a Deadline

I am somewhat rigid about keeping to deadlines.

Actually, no. That’s not true. I keep to-do lists really well. Deadlines? A little more iffy. Continue reading “I Missed a Deadline”


Secrets in Our Cities Scavenger Hunt: Creating Dragons

Welcome to this stop on the Secrets in Our Cities Scavenger Hunt!

One of the great tragedies of my adulthood was being forced to acknowledge that dragons don’t exist, or else are extinct. Probably. According to most reliable sources.

(If a magical apocalypse arrives and changes the world, I’m totally going out and finding a dragon.) Continue reading “Secrets in Our Cities Scavenger Hunt: Creating Dragons”

It’s a Cover!

So…I’m in another anthology of short stories. This one’s theme is urban fantasy. There are ten amazing stories in there, by ten awesome authors. There’s a wide range of creatures featured, from werewolves to dragons to fairies and more! So something for everyone.

It comes out October 31st.

Without further ado, I give you…. Continue reading “It’s a Cover!”

The Universal Value of a Good Outline

Talking with my family over dinner one recent evening, the topic of conversation came around to outlines. They’re an integral part of writing, but I hadn’t realized just how useful a good outline is in completely different careers. I used to aspire to be a pantser (one who manages to sit down and write a book from their heart with minimal input) and now I’m very firmly a plotter, as I always have been. Aka, one who uses outlines. Continue reading “The Universal Value of a Good Outline”

My Babysitting Resume (Approximately)

I’ve amassed a few skills as a babysitter. Not all of those skills will translate well if I ever decide to find a different kind of job, so I’ve decided to go through and see if I can’t rewrite my resume to make it slightly less specific. Continue reading “My Babysitting Resume (Approximately)”