The Value of a Decent Book

I’ve been reading the Codex Alera series by Jim Butcher. It’s a pretty standard fantasy series. The Roman-style setting is a bit different, but most of it is still a fairly standard set of twists and turns. The big twist is easily seen from the end of the first book, despite the fact that it’s not overtly stated until book 4. And I’m enjoying it.

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January/February Report

At the end of 2020, I managed to burn myself out pretty good on, well, everything. It was a long year, and I kind of pushed myself a bit too hard to keep busy. Because, hey, I couldn’t go anywhere or do a lot of things or go to my job half the time, but at least I could write. So I wrote. Right up until about an hour before midnight on December 31st.

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Prompt #18: Switch Genres

Quick explanation: A few Christmases back I was given a “Writer Emergency Pack” deck of cards. This included a set of prompts. So I’m going to go through and follow them, to the best of my ability. Some of these will end up being parts of my works in progress, others will be standalone stories, depending entirely on my mood.

Let me know what you think of it!

This is Prompt #18: Switch Genres

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Tragic Heroes Are Not My Thing

I’m doing a challenge for World Anvil. Two, actually. One is an official contest that I will not win but I’m still going to make this article fantastic because I like the character and I plan to use her a lot more. The second challenge was to take a heroic archetype I don’t use much and create a hero. Which meant I was stuck with the Tragic Hero archetype because I’ve used all of the other ones.

I do not like tragedy. I generally avoid reading tragic stories, or watching them, and as such I do not have a great deal of experience in creating one. Luckily, for this challenge I don’t need to create a whole hero, but just a summary of one. Basically.

I started from another hero who I’m designing for the official challenge: Glenna Stormraven. Part of her backstory was that her family was driven from their homeland by a rival clan. So a natural place to start my tragic hero was with her parents. Namely, her father.

I didn’t take too much time to design the tale of Derek Stormraven, because there’s only so much time in the day and the article doesn’t need to be too ridiculously long. His tragedy, therefore, was fairly simple to come up with. He became a hero, and his hubris led him to ignore the clan’s rivals, and that lack of consideration so enraged them that they attacked. Nothing too elaborate.

You can find my article here.

2021: New Year, New Blog (sort of)

As far as blogging goes, 2020 was not a great year, but it wasn’t a great year for a lot of things so I will take what I have got and go from there. One of the things I’ve done over the past few days is to figure out how I want to handle this blog in the coming year. I don’t plan on changing things up entirely, but I’m going to do things differently. I think.

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This Year in Reading

I’ve officially read 104 books this year, which works out to two a week. I’d like to thank the lockdowns for giving me the time and stress level required for such a feat. Also, on a less sarcastic note, my friend — for starting the Lord of the Readathon challenge which really boosted the number of books I read, as well as pushing me to read different books than I might have otherwise chosen. Also a thank you to my friend who loaned me the entirety of the Dresden Files, which was interesting enough that it kept me reading even after the summer challenge rush was over with.

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