Mid-Week Mumble: Going on a Bear Hunt

Well, I’m not going on a bear hunt. But kids all over the country are! I picked an article from a region far from mine (if you want to read about it here from a more official source), but it’s happening all over. As a way to deal with this quarantine/self-isolation/social-distancing, some people are setting out stuffed bears, and kids go on hunts to find them.

I think it’s a cute idea! But I’m using my stuffed dragons instead. Hope that works!

When Viruses Strike

I’m not sick! Whoever is reading this, I hope you’re not sick either.

Obviously we’re all aware of the pandemic going on. It’s kind of hard to think about anything else. I spent two days with what I’ve been calling “anxiety nausea”, and boy am I glad nausea isn’t one of the symptoms because otherwise that would have been terrifying. Continue reading “When Viruses Strike”

Book Review: Renegades

Just plowed through the Renegades trilogy by Marissa Meyer. I loved it! I really enjoyed the books, and my enjoyment picked up through the second and third books which was nice because sometimes I get really hooked on the first book and then it tapers off as the series goes on. Case in point: it took me five days to read the first book (Renegades), three days to read the second book (Archenemies), and less than twenty-four hours to read the third book (Supernova). (It helped that I was able to get Archenemies and Supernova from the library at the same time.) Continue reading “Book Review: Renegades”

Making Your Own World-Building Questionnaire

I might not be an expert writer, but at this point I think I can say I’m somewhat knowledgeable of how to make a worldbuilding questionnaire. Mostly because I’ve been making them since I was…ten? Nine? It was something I started about the same time I started making stories. If you’re a writer of science fiction or fantasy, it’s an activity I highly recommend. Continue reading “Making Your Own World-Building Questionnaire”

Mid-week Mumble: Why Write?

This tweet from C.G. Drews (@PaperFury) pretty well sums it up.