About the Author

Hi! I’m Kristy, a writer of fantasy and science fiction and these blog posts.

I know I can’t be the only one out there who is completely befuddled by the idea of creating an online presence to sell a book. It’s possible I’m one of the most clueless when it comes to social media and creating websites and stuff, but that just means that I’ll try harder to find the information, right? (That’s what I hope. It could also mean I get lost in a little tiny circle and this goes horribly wrong. Which could be funny for those watching. Either way, reading my blog should be interesting.)

I’m a writer making the push to become a published author. That process is long, hard and mysterious, and so I am writing this blog to keep track of my journey and save the useful information I find about writing, publishing, and establishing a writer’s platform.

Fun fact: this blog actually counts as a platform. It’s not a very big platform, yet, but hopefully it’ll get better with time.

Feel free to look me up on Twitter! @KristyePerkins


2 thoughts on “About the Author”

  1. I was also clueless when I finished my first book. I made lots of mistakes but that’s part of the learning process.


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