I Got Some Advice

My lovely grandmother put me in touch with a lovely published author with a decent platform. This author was kind enough to take a quick look at some of my stories, but particularly at my blog. She gave me some advice on how to handle my presence and how to use the blog.

It made me wince when I read it, so that’s how I know it was accurate. Continue reading “I Got Some Advice”


2018: How Did I Do?

This year did not turn out quite how I’d expected, but then, they never do. Lucky for me, I didn’t have any particular goals for this year, so rather than do a tally of how I measured up to the standard I held myself to last January, I get to just write down the things that got done.

So what did I get done this past year, anyway? Continue reading “2018: How Did I Do?”

Ducklings playing follow the leader

The Universal Value of a Good Outline

Talking with my family over dinner one recent evening, the topic of conversation came around to outlines. They’re an integral part of writing, but I hadn’t realized just how useful a good outline is in completely different careers. I used to aspire to be a pantser (one who manages to sit down and write a book from their heart with minimal input) and now I’m very firmly a plotter, as I always have been. Aka, one who uses outlines. Continue reading “The Universal Value of a Good Outline”