Taking Time to Laugh

Spent most of the last two weeks being hopelessly behind on my writing, which was frustrating. And then I spent an evening reading funny posts on the internet, even staying up late to keep reading, and I consider that time well spent. Continue reading “Taking Time to Laugh”


The Universal Value of a Good Outline

Talking with my family over dinner one recent evening, the topic of conversation came around to outlines. They’re an integral part of writing, but I hadn’t realized just how useful a good outline is in completely different careers. I used to aspire to be a pantser (one who manages to sit down and write a book from their heart with minimal input) and now I’m very firmly a plotter, as I always have been. Aka, one who uses outlines. Continue reading “The Universal Value of a Good Outline”

Summer Projects

The school year is my busy time of year when it comes to babysitting. Which is not to say that this summer is going to be empty. Far from it! I have seven writing projects that I want to accomplish before Labor Day, and here they are. On the internet, so I have no excuses for not finishing.

So here’s the list of projects, Continue reading “Summer Projects”

I Am Boring

It’s really hard to figure out what to blog about when I have no particular areas of expertise and am not a very interesting person. I’m not. I don’t go interesting places, I stick pretty much to myself so it’s not like I’m getting into these crazy adventures all the time with my friends. Not that I don’t still have adventures, they’re just spaced out. I have my schedule and my to-do lists that I follow. I go to work, I come home and write, watch a bunch of TV. Continue reading “I Am Boring”