Figuring Out the Options

Got very overwhelmed lately, thinking about all the different ways that a writer can engage with peers and fans online to create a platform. To make friends, and to talk with possible readers, and to learn from other writers and mentors. There are so many different ways! Continue reading “Figuring Out the Options”


Random Story Doodle

I got really curious about what would happen if my alien character Elere had access to Pinterest. There was no point to this musing, it doesn’t fit anywhere in any of the stories I have written or plan to write, but it was fun going off on a tangent and it turned out okay so here it is. Continue reading “Random Story Doodle”

No Clue: Pinterest, part 1

I’ve used Pinterest for a while now, because it’s fun looking at pretty pictures of what life could be like if I had more money. Slightly depressing, granted, but still fun, and it helps me organize my life and keep track of my goals for the future. That’s for me. It turns out that Pinterest also works as a tool for writing, and particularly for building a writing platform. Continue reading “No Clue: Pinterest, part 1”

Respawned: All Finished

Respawned, the story I’ve been working on since November, is finished. More accurately, the first draft is finished, which means that in a few months there will be notes to make and editing to do and all kinds of new things to worry about, but for now my story is done, and I will rejoice. Continue reading “Respawned: All Finished”