2018: How Did I Do?

This year did not turn out quite how I’d expected, but then, they never do. Lucky for me, I didn’t have any particular goals for this year, so rather than do a tally of how I measured up to the standard I held myself to last January, I get to just write down the things that got done.

So what did I get done this past year, anyway? Continue reading “2018: How Did I Do?”


NaNoWriMo 2017: Finale

This one really came down to the wire, which is new for me. Not the most fun thing ever, if I’m being honest.

It’s been an interesting week, schedule-wise. I started Monday being one day ahead of the target word count. Monday was my mom’s birthday so between work and getting ready for that and then actually enjoying the party, not a whole lot of words. (Also the first two parts of the Arrowverse crossover, if I’m being totally honest. And I can’t even regret it because by that point I needed the chance to chill.) I basically lost a day here.

Tuesday was pretty normal, but normal includes work and some laundry and more work and then dance which is fun but does take time. So that made things difficult but I managed to do a little more than the 1667 it takes to meet the daily goal and actually made it partway through Wednesday’s.

Then Wednesday. Wednesday was a longer than normal workday, and since I’m a babysitter I can’t exactly say “no, I’m taking the time off to write.” (Well, I could but it would make things hard for the families and I really don’t want to do that.) Even so, I came within 1500 words of the end goal.

And finally, Thursday. Another long day, and at this point I am also tired. (Not nearly as tired as some of the kids I babysit for, but that’s what happens when they get up in the middle of the night.) More babysitting, and this time it also involves driving, which is a blessing and a curse. Curse because I’m all over the place and half the locations I’ve never even been there so I’m relying entirely on my GPS. Blessing, because this kid had a cello lesson and a dentist appointment and that last is where I managed to reach 50,000 words. (At least, according to Scrivener’s word count, which is a bit more generous than the validating tool on Nanowrimo.org so I still had a few words to go but let me have this!)

After that it was a simple matter to wrap up once I made it home, and all in time to watch The Orville, which was my reward for finishing. If I hadn’t, my mom had my full permission to spoil the whole thing for me. Thank goodness I made it, because I hate spoilers.

(No tallies for this one, because I don’t feel like doing math. But I won!)