Mid-Week Mumble: Going on a Bear Hunt

Well, I’m not going on a bear hunt. But kids all over the country are! I picked an article from a region far from mine (if you want to read about it here from a more official source), but it’s happening all over. As a way to deal with this quarantine/self-isolation/social-distancing, some people are setting out stuffed bears, and kids go on hunts to find them.

I think it’s a cute idea! But I’m using my stuffed dragons instead. Hope that works!

Secrets in Our Cities Scavenger Hunt: Creating Dragons

Welcome to this stop on the Secrets in Our Cities Scavenger Hunt!

One of the great tragedies of my adulthood was being forced to acknowledge that dragons don’t exist, or else are extinct. Probably. According to most reliable sources.

(If a magical apocalypse arrives and changes the world, I’m totally going out and finding a dragon.) Continue reading “Secrets in Our Cities Scavenger Hunt: Creating Dragons”