And Book

It’s out! A Bit of Magic, JL Anthology #6, collection of fairy tale retellings, is now available for purchase.

(I know, I know, you’re all probably sick of hearing about this anthology, but I have a dance recital I’m helping out at this weekend so this is honestly all I have time for writing about here. And also, it’s got my story in it so I’m really excited about that.)

You can find it here in ebook format and here in paperback.

To further entice, here’s a larger clip from the story. Continue reading “And Book”


A Bit of Magic: the Cover!

I’m pleased to announce that the anthology A Bit of Magic is coming out on the 31st of May, and I wrote one of the stories in it! Here’s what it looks like. Continue reading “A Bit of Magic: the Cover!”

I’m In a Book!

I have some exciting news. I’m getting a short story published in an anthology, and this is what the cover looks like! I’m so excited. The book comes out June 17th, and (if I remember correctly) will be available on Amazon’s Createspace in paperback, and on Kindle as an ebook. The ebook is already available for preorder here: Continue reading “I’m In a Book!”