The Universal Appeal of Utter Confusion

The name of this blog is No Clue Writing Platform. The idea was to just get out there and get started and see what happens, figure it out as I go. I knew I didn’t know what I was doing in the beginning. Now, having blogged for a while and researched a bunch of stuff and read a few books by people who know what they’re writing about, I know even less. This is life, of course. “The only true wisdom is in knowing you know nothing,” (Socrates).

But isn’t there supposed to be a stage between that where I at least think I have all the answers? Continue reading “The Universal Appeal of Utter Confusion”


Where To Start A Career

Well, I’ve made a huge mistake. But it’s okay, I can fix it. See, I read this article about a big mistake someone made creating their writing website. (And this is someone who has made a career out of helping authors build a platform, so if she says it’s a mistake it’s something to at least consider.) This mistake is to start with a free website. Continue reading “Where To Start A Career”

Can You Read This?

The initial design of a blog is important, and I honestly did not spend very long on mine. For once, I can honestly say this was not out of laziness but more because the sheer array of choices (even among the free options that are all I can afford) is bewildering. I went with the first design that caught my fancy and that’s what I’ve stuck with since then. Now it’s time to do a little better. Continue reading “Can You Read This?”

When to Start a Platform

When am I supposed to start my writing platform? After I’m established? Right before my first book comes out? Before I even finish a first draft? While starting a platform without even having a start to a book seems a little premature (especially for fiction), the rest of it tends to vary just as much as the rest of the “rules” of writing. Continue reading “When to Start a Platform”

WordPress Knows Best! Updating “About Me”

For a week now WordPress has been leaving me a little reminder at the top of my dashboard to write my “About” page. I don’t want to write this page, because it’s apparently one of the most important pages for a blog. It’s what most readers use to figure out whether or not a blog is worth reading or exploring further. It’s the bait, and right now I have no idea what kind to use. Or even what I’m fishing. Do blog readers count as metaphorical trout or metaphorical humpback whales? Continue reading “WordPress Knows Best! Updating “About Me””

Site Design (There are reasons we pay people to do this stuff)

I didn’t do a whole lot when I first put this site up. Mostly I just picked a design and figured, hey, I’ll just get this thing started, especially because I plan to blog about the whole process. So that means I’m still playing around with design elements and will probably still be working on this thing for a while. Since no one’s really reading this blog just yet, I’m not going to make this a long post. Continue reading “Site Design (There are reasons we pay people to do this stuff)”