Fun With Pinterest

I have an author Pinterest board. It doesn’t get a ton of traffic, but then again, it’s something that I do for the sheer fun of it and if it gets any attention at all that’s more than it probably deserves. It’s fun for me, though, and there’s pretty pictures so since I’m a fairly visual person that comes in handy. Continue reading “Fun With Pinterest”


Back To School

Ongoing education is kind of a big deal, because it keeps your brain sharp and it also helps make you competitive in the terrible modern job market. It’s also, unfortunately, something that I have to do myself. Continue reading “Back To School”

Figuring Out the Options

Got very overwhelmed lately, thinking about all the different ways that a writer can engage with peers and fans online to create a platform. To make friends, and to talk with possible readers, and to learn from other writers and mentors. There are so many different ways! Continue reading “Figuring Out the Options”

Finding My Nope

Figuring out when I can say no is something that I will probably struggle with for the rest of my life. Sometimes this means I go “Okay, sure” to the opportunity of a lifetime. Sometimes it means that I end up miserable, or even doing something that is actually hurting me. And the fun part is that the rules keep changing.

(Everyone has a different situation. This is mine, and how I cope with it.) Continue reading “Finding My Nope”

The Universal Appeal of Utter Confusion

The name of this blog is No Clue Writing Platform. The idea was to just get out there and get started and see what happens, figure it out as I go. I knew I didn’t know what I was doing in the beginning. Now, having blogged for a while and researched a bunch of stuff and read a few books by people who know what they’re writing about, I know even less. This is life, of course. “The only true wisdom is in knowing you know nothing,” (Socrates).

But isn’t there supposed to be a stage between that where I at least think I have all the answers? Continue reading “The Universal Appeal of Utter Confusion”

Where To Start A Career

Well, I’ve made a huge mistake. But it’s okay, I can fix it. See, I read this article about a big mistake someone made creating their writing website. (And this is someone who has made a career out of helping authors build a platform, so if she says it’s a mistake it’s something to at least consider.) This mistake is to start with a free website. Continue reading “Where To Start A Career”