The Shows I’m Liking

I have a super busy week this week, so I’m picking an easy topic: TV shows. Specifically, the ones I really like right now. Continue reading “The Shows I’m Liking”


Finding the Fun

I’ve been writing a sequel to a book I wrote a while back called “Respawned.” It’s based around the idea of a minor character in a video game deciding he’s not going to just stand around and die anymore, and starts exploring, which in turn kind of breaks the game. It’s a bit like Wreck-It Ralph except the characters don’t know their in a game, specifically. Continue reading “Finding the Fun”

What on earth makes a good topic for the first blog post of the year?

Happy New Year!

I have no idea what to write about this week. I was on vacation and I turned my brain off as much as is possible, and then when work started up again I was busy thinking about that and my schedule and those kinds of things, so there was still not a lot of thinking about what a post could be about. Continue reading “What on earth makes a good topic for the first blog post of the year?”

The Joy of Giving (and Getting)

It’s almost Christmas, and that means it’s the season of giving and getting the perfect gift. Or at least, that’s one of the things about it that I enjoy.

You know the five love languages? It’s the ways that people can interact with you that show you that they care. There’s physical touch, words of affirmation, acts of service, quality time, and receiving gifts. I don’t know a ton about it, but I do know that one of the ways I like expressing affection is through giving presents. Continue reading “The Joy of Giving (and Getting)”

The Joy of Reading

The little girl I babysit decided that she was going to read Alice in Wonderland. She’s six, and getting to the point where she’s willing to read anything she gets her hands on. She certainly doesn’t know all the words, but she’s giving it a good try and she’ll pick it up of her own accord, no prompting required. It means her reading skills are coming along in leaps and bounds, and it’s wonderful to see.

It reminded me of how I felt when I was a kid and getting my hands on a new book. Continue reading “The Joy of Reading”