Taking Time to Laugh

Spent most of the last two weeks being hopelessly behind on my writing, which was frustrating. And then I spent an evening reading funny posts on the internet, even staying up late to keep reading, and I consider that time well spent. Continue reading “Taking Time to Laugh”



I love vacations. I should probably take them more often, right?

With that in mind, since I have done nothing productive this week, here is a list of the stuff I watched on TV. Yes, this is a pretty terrible post. Continue reading “Vacation!”

Gratitude Redux

Well, turns out they lost my package. Resent the whole thing and it got here on Tuesday, so I’ve got half a Death Star now. Very happy about that.

And now I have the chance to try again for the whole gratitude thing. Yes, it’s so much easier when not aggravated. But still important to remember, and maybe if I work on all this now then I’ll be better at remembering it when I’m not feeling so thrilled with life. Continue reading “Gratitude Redux”

Songs and Books and Things

(How do people come up with things to write blog posts about? All I can apparently come up with is nonsense.) (But it’s my nonsense, so here it is.)

I am at a loss when it comes to writing about writing, and I’m hardly an expert anyway, so I’m trying to cast around and figure out what I can write about. So this is where I’m at, in a nutshell. Continue reading “Songs and Books and Things”

I Had the Flu

At about the time my last post went live, I was taking my temperature for the first time. It was Wednesday before I was finally done with that mess, if still exhausted and thoroughly sick of being sick. So this is not going to be a really long post.

Even so, it’s almost Christmas and there are a few presents I’m so thankful for from this past week.

First, the MVPs:

  • My mom (for doing all the things, even though she just got through this herself)
  • My dad (same! But he was still kind of sick so that much harder)
  • Understanding employers (also it being almost Christmas so work schedules were already lighter which was wonderful)
  • Brother (was not sick, the lucky bugger, but also put up with my random texts from boredom and all that)

Now the fun little things:

  • Sleeping through the night (best thing ever not waking up at midnight needing more Nyquil just to fall unconscious)
  • The weird orange juice finally tastes weird again (I was desperate for something with a little sugar in it, I guess)
  • Waking up with a story in my head instead of an observation about a dry mouth or sweating or one of the other symptoms I woke up with
  • I can make my bed and not just lie in it all day
  • Also, changing clothes is wonderful and not something to be taken for granted
  • And showers, those are great

These are just a few of the things I made note of right after I started getting better. I’m sure there are more wonderful gifts I’ve been given over the past week. Like finishing up my own Christmas prep just in time! (Except for one thing, but that got tanked by the flu week and that was just it)

Merry Christmas! Hope no one gets sick.