My Babysitting Resume (Approximately)

I’ve amassed a few skills as a babysitter. Not all of those skills will translate well if I ever decide to find a different kind of job, so I’ve decided to go through and see if I can’t rewrite my resume to make it slightly less specific. Continue reading “My Babysitting Resume (Approximately)”


Spoiler Alert

So I told the five-year-old that I babysit “sure, I’ll tell you all about Infinity Wars after I see it” and now I see that was a grave mistake. Because to tell her the story would be to spoil this poor little girl as to the end of a major franchise. I don’t think it’s an exaggeration to say it’s the equivalent of telling someone that Darth Vader is (redacted). See? If you know, you know, and if you don’t, you should go watch Star Wars and find out! Continue reading “Spoiler Alert”

6 Things I Love About Babysitting

My life goal is to become a full-time writer, more specifically a novelist. Unfortunately, that’s not the most financially viable career at the entry-level stage, so like most of my kind I have a day job. The dream is someday there will be nothing but me and my words that adoring fans will linger on. In the meantime, though, babysitting is my day job, and here are 5 things I love about it. Continue reading “6 Things I Love About Babysitting”

The School Year Begins

The school year has begun, which means I can finally return to a regular schedule. I have to get up an hour earlier than anything I did through the summer, there’s bus schedules to figure out, and it’s two kids instead of one on a regular basis. And I cannot tell you how much I’ve been looking forward to it. Continue reading “The School Year Begins”

Finding My Nope

Figuring out when I can say no is something that I will probably struggle with for the rest of my life. Sometimes this means I go “Okay, sure” to the opportunity of a lifetime. Sometimes it means that I end up miserable, or even doing something that is actually hurting me. And the fun part is that the rules keep changing.

(Everyone has a different situation. This is mine, and how I cope with it.) Continue reading “Finding My Nope”

How To (Not) Get the Kid to Go to Bed

The bare bones of this post were written in the aftermath of a particularly frustrating evening of babysitting. And was then fleshed out and edited in the wake of a completely different disaster that was still related to babysitting. So call it something of a rant, but also a confession, and a prayer. Continue reading “How To (Not) Get the Kid to Go to Bed”