Three Months of Writing

So maybe I have mostly just been treading water in the last few months. Which means that I have not gotten much done, and I barely scraped by on my very minimal goal in April Camp NaNoWriMo, which was just kind of embarrassing.

Adventure April one shot: This was a challenge run by World Anvil, aimed more at TTRPG (Tabletop Role Playing Game) creators than writers, but it was still a fun challenge. A one shot is the kind of game that is only meant to last for one 3-4 hour session, and then be finished. It’s usually done with characters unique to the one shot, and is meant to stand by itself. I tried my hand at it. I didn’t do a good job, but it was a fun challenge, and it forced me to think about storytelling from a very different point of view. If you’re interested, this is one of the two I played around with.

Series notes (Camp NaNoWriMo): Also in April, I decided to complete 10,000 words of series notes, with the aim of figuring out what I was doing with the very first book. I was hoping that I’d come out of it with a decent idea of the direction I want this book series to take, and a start of an outline for the first book. I have characters, starting point, and a potential subplot in mind, but no solid outline. Oh well. I’ll get there.

Perilous Plants: A World Anvil challenge, to write about an unusual plant in my world. This was in March, I think. I did a couple of warm of prompts first, to practice. I wrote about the Handset Sapsucker, a singular plant that people in this particular world used to use as a kind of magical telepathic telephone. Kind of like a party line, but there’s only one for everyone in the world. It was meant to be silly, and I think I managed that. And here’s the one I actually submitted, which is a bit more serious.

Costume Challenge: Another World Anvil challenge (yes, I do a lot of these), this one about creating some kind of outfit for a culture in your world. For the other entries, I’ve seen things like masks, uniforms, fantastical displays of fortune, simple sashes, all kinds of clothes with different stories and reasons to wear them. This one took me forever, because I couldn’t pick who to make an outfit for. I settled on the Council Second, a more political position of leadership than most of the other options in this particular world.

I’ve done a few other things, but they’re all pretty small and rather haphazard and I don’t remember all of them. So it’s not much, but it’s more than I thought I’d managed.

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