Prompt #20: What Would Indy Do?

Quick explanation: A few Christmases back I was given a “Writer Emergency Pack” deck of cards. This included a set of prompts. So I’m going to go through and follow them, to the best of my ability. Some of these will end up being parts of my works in progress, others will be standalone stories, depending entirely on my mood.

Let me know what you think of it!

This is Prompt #20: The best heroes surprise us by taking actions we never saw coming.

Except that as the author it’s my job to figure out what he’s doing. For this exercise, I picked a character and a few situations and I’m going to figure out what general actions he might take in these situations (which may or may not be things that he will go up against in the book). This character is going to be a difficult customer because he keeps to himself.

The character I’m using for this exercise is Corydon Wildauer. He’s an orphan who was taken in by a higher class family, and is in line for a high position in their society now. He was badly hurt defying society about three years before the book, so he tends to hold himself back. How would Cor deal with a few different situations?

Someone flirting with him?

He’s keen enough that I believe he’d recognize it, thus escaping the realms of the clueless who have no idea what is going on. But I don’t think Cor would know how to respond. Definitely wouldn’t encourage it, since he’d be more than a little dubious as to how genuine the interest might be. So he’d probably come across as cold and dismissive.

Someone yelling at him and he has no idea why?

Cor’s instinct would be to get right back up in this person’s face and yell at them. So if he’s caught off guard enough, that’s what would happen. But if he has even the tiniest warning, he’d probably keep his mouth shut. Not that he’d just shrink down and take it, but he wouldn’t respond. At all. Even to defend himself.

An unexpected dinner party?

Of all the things on this list, I think this would be the thing most likely to make him panic. Cor is someone who values his downtime. If a large group of people came upon him when he was finally relaxing a little, he would probably jump out a window. At the very least, he would try to bar the door. If that failed, he would almost certainly hide for the entire time.


It might take him a minute to figure out what’s going on. He’s not exactly a guy who takes care of himself. The kind of person who will ignore symptoms until he’s passed out with a fever, or bleeding internally, or something else that’s overly drastic. So once he figured out he was poisoned, he might tell someone, or he might just press on and hope for the best. It would depend on if there’s a chance that someone else was poisoned as well.

That’s Cor. Or at least, some pieces of him. What do you think of him? I’d love to know.

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