A Couple of Character Arcs

The plot for the novel I want to write next is not coming easily. It’s becoming rather aggravating, actually. I have main characters, long term plots, histories, villains, mentors, traitors, secrets, and they’re all set in a world that I can imagine to a wonderfully vivid degree. Most of my worlds end up becoming rather generic, or simply resembling what TV shows I’ve been watching lately. Or else it doesn’t really matter what it looks like exactly, because the focus is on what’s happening. This world, I can literally see it in my head, and I love it.

I even know what my long-range goals are for the series. But I still don’t have a plot for my first novel. I do, however, have character arcs for my main characters, and that is the start of something.

Brenna was recently raised to a new rank, and she’s almost immediately thrown into a challenge for an even higher position. No, she doesn’t want it. She doesn’t have a choice but to compete. Her arc is about learning to strive for what she wants, because this new position is absolutely perfect for her. She’ll be good at the job, and she’s going to work for it. This also provides a fantastic distraction to keep her from offering too much aid to Cor and his plotline, and should set her into a position of strength for the second book.

Cor has been treading water at the start of the book, so to speak. He was raised to his position three years earlier. Everyone around him is pressuring him to fulfill a new role, and do it exceptionally well, but no one has any idea what that should be so it’s just a lot of vague requirements and disappointment when he doesn’t measure up to a nonexistent line. He started as something of a rebel, but had that beaten out of him fairly early on, so he’s trying to keep his head down. People won’t let him, though. He’s got that earlier record, and his new position, all leading people to push him further and further out of his comfort zone. He has to step up and lead or else watch all that he’s worked for fall into disarray.

I’m getting a fair amount of inspiration for both their arcs from this article by KM Weiland. The idea of the Maiden Arc fits really well with where I want both of them to be, and how I want to position these characters for future arcs. They’re not preparing to step out on their own, not quite yet, but they do need to step up and do more than just coast through life.

So that’s the rough pieces of the arcs. It’s almost a plot, and that counts for something, right?

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