My Worlds

I have a lot of stories I want to write. Some of which I have already written and want to turn into a series (assuming I ever edit book 1) and some of which are merely twinkles of an outline. Most of them have rather distinctive worlds. So since my brain space is full of worldbuilding and not blog post topics, here’s a list of the worlds that I play around with.

Thaiterra: My primary world, right now. A science fantasy setting that I hope to use as the base for a whole series of novels. I’m currently plotting out that series, and with it comes the need to know how the magic systems will work, and a whole lot of fun details like that.

Overlord: My other main world. This is comedic fantasy/sci-fi world that’s mostly meant to be silly. So far, the books I’ve set in this world are all standalone, with the possibility that some of the characters will pop up in different books. More planning needed to make sure that works.

Respawned: A silly fantasy world based heavily on some of my favorite video games because the world is supposed to be a video game (unbeknown to the characters in this world). Lots of fun internal rules and things that would just be insane for a world trying for realism.

Superheroes: The idea of a teenage supervillain who is forced to go to high school by her guardians is an entertaining one. And of course, if you have a supervillain, you need superheroes to go up against, and pseudo-governmental agencies to bounce off, and allies, and made-up cities to live in, and so on and so forth.

Straw Commander: A failed alien invasion of Earth, followed by humans venturing forth into a strange new galaxy. Sci-fi world, with plenty of planets and diverse species to play with.

Reeja: This is my oldest existing world. Most of it is probably nonsense, but it’s been with me so long that I don’t want to let it go. This world shares a part of my central brain space, and despite the fact that most of it is really just a standard generic fantasy setting, I love it. It’s comfortable. Needs more adjusting than building in terms of worldbuilding development.

And beyond all of those there are a handful of smaller worlds associated with much more distinct books that I’m not working on a ton, and I don’t plan to. Anyone else with a long list of worlds they work with, or do most people stick with one?

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