My Babysitting Resume (Approximately)

I’ve amassed a few skills as a babysitter. Not all of those skills will translate well if I ever decide to find a different kind of job, so I’ve decided to go through and see if I can’t rewrite my resume to make it slightly less specific.

  • Skill #1: Can retell all the superhero stories I know without traumatizing the kids or giving away major spoilers. (And for the record, as far as they know, there’s only one Star Wars movie and it’s IV, because I’m not going anywhere near that.)
    • Translation: Smart! (Also, not evil!)
  • Skill #2: Arts and crafts are my jam! (Incidentally, so is cleaning stuff off the floor without leaving paint stains.)
    • Translation: Creative!
  • Skill #3: Driving kids places while telling them a story and not turning around to talk to them.
    • Translation: Focused!
  • Skill #4: Finding a game that children of different ages and tastes will want to play with each other while also convincing the youngest one that he has a chance of winning and this is going to be fun. (If anyone has a foolproof method of convince a preschooler that we’re spinning a spinner and thus we all have the same chance of winning without using middle school math examples, please let me know. I’m currently resorting to distraction techniques.)
    • Translation: Diplomatic!
  • Skill #5: Am quiet enough that simply speaking forcefully can be enough to get kids to realize when they really screwed up.
    • Translation: Tenacious? Surprising? (I have no idea what this one could be.)
  • Skill #6: Can chase down runaway bikes, children, toys, cats, etc. (And can hold them in place if need be because you’re not going out the window just because you don’t want to eat dinner.)
    • Translation: Physically fit!

To be fair (and give my ego an undeserved boost), I have a few other skills. These were just more fun to write about. Also it was super late when I wrote this and my brain ran out of ideas.


3 thoughts on “My Babysitting Resume (Approximately)

  1. Delores v. Beurrier

    very impressive, I’d hire you in a minute.
    do you have res. for your writing skills???in case an agent wants to know??? just asking…..


    1. KPerkins

      I don’t have a resume as much as I have a portfolio for writing. From what I’ve read, agents don’t tend to ask for resumes where books are concerned. Instead, we get to write query letters.


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