End of Summer

This post is cheating, because I am too busy working on my summer to-do list and getting it finished. Because technically, it’s still summer, and I still have time to make my goal.

(If I forgo sleep. Maybe.)

Here’s my progress report, thus far. (I’ve still got time! I might make it.)

Edit short story: codename Sewer Dragon Finished!

Write short story: codename Rapunzel Finished the first draft, AND a round of edits.

Finish NaNoWriMo novel Done. Thank goodness.

Edits: Princess and the Pea Done, pretty much. I skimped on a few things but I’m declaring this round of editing finished.

Rework this website Done. I changed it/updated it a little bit. Check it out!

Co-writing edits Has become making notes, because that was going to be done before the summer even started and it wasn’t so doing that and the edits would have been too much. Also, I’m not quite done with that. Almost. But not quite.

Post a book on Scribophile for critique Almost. I need to critique other people before I have enough points to post my own work, which is where the real holdup is happening. I think I have about twenty more critiques before I have enough points. Oy.


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