Writing Advice I Don’t Follow

What works for me doesn’t necessarily work for you. And vice versa.

1. I don’t write a complete outline. I go half and half, with outlining up to the first half of the book, and then finishing the rest of it as I go. I’ve tried outlining all the way to the end, and something invariably changes so I’ll wind up throwing out half of it anyway. So I guess I’m halfway between pantsing and plotting.

2. I don’t write at a particular time. My schedule fluctuates, and I’m terrible at waking up in the morning. Someday perhaps I’ll need a scheduled writing time to make sure it fits in, but for now I would end up simply not writing half the time if I forced myself to stick to a particular time. Things would change, and then I’d just excuse myself. I’m lazy like that.

3. I edit as I go (a little bit). More proofreading, really. I am physically incapable of going on if there’s a spelling error. And when you fix the spelling, sometimes you fix the wording, too. And one time I deleted an entire character before I was finished with a book.

4. I write piecemeal. Can’t completely write in order. Some of it is unavoidable, but if I’m going to keep my interest in a project, I have to skip around a little. Scene not working? Okay, I’ll work on the climactic bit in a few chapters instead.

It’s funny how many writing “rules” pop up. Fortunately, most people realize that different people work different ways, and so all approaches work, as long as they get the words on the page sooner or later.


2 thoughts on “Writing Advice I Don’t Follow

  1. Delores v. Beurrier

    Right now this is working for you, and the results are good. really, really love you take on Snow White, and it had a super ending.


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