Arrow: Pretty Darn Good TV Show

I’ve been watching the show Arrow since it started, thanks to my brother who is a superhero aficionado. While I’ve enjoyed it, it hasn’t been my favorite of the four Arrowverse shows (aka the four DC superhero shows that the CW produces, for those who are not obsessed).

Until now. The other shows have been floundering, at least in terms of what I want from a superhero show, and Arrow has been consistently delivering the story moments I like to see, so it’s the new favorite. Here’s some of why I like it. Continue reading “Arrow: Pretty Darn Good TV Show”


Things I Wished I Knew About Minor Car Accidents

So…a few months ago now I was in a minor car accident. No one was hurt, and it was mainly embarrassing. But now, with a little time to give some perspective, there are a few things I wish I knew when it happened. Continue reading “Things I Wished I Knew About Minor Car Accidents”

Liebster Award 2018

Thanks to Heather for nominating me! I’ll see if I can do it justice. Rules can be found here but I have never been able to make the link work so this is me guessing. (I’m also supposed to nominate people but all the people I know who are bloggers have either already been nominated, or else haven’t blogged in over a year. Sorry!) Continue reading “Liebster Award 2018”

Framed Stories

So I’ve been reading through the Arabian Nights. Which is a huge book, and the version I’ve been reading is apparently a fairly complete version of the ancient anthology. Also, minimal paragraph breaks so, yay! (It’s almost incomprehensible, but I’m not reading all that carefully anyway.) Continue reading “Framed Stories”