Some Random Thoughts

I couldn’t think of any topic I could write about that would take longer than a paragraph to finish, so I decided to write about all of them.

Black Panther is really good. It is actually possible to write a whole blog post about this, but it’s been a couple weeks now since I saw it and those much more gifted in film critique have written far more effectively. But seriously, it’s a fun movie. Go see it, if you haven’t.

Avengers: Infinity Wars is definitely going to need a “previously on” segment. There’s so much happening, and all of it has a base in previous segments of the film series. The individual heroes and their movies have things to track, and those work for them, but this is going to be a whole bunch of movies, spanning ten years. We’re going to need a recap, just to remember what the Infinity Stones are.

Finished draft 2 of The Sisters and the Dragon (the book I am co-writing). That was a relief, because I need to work on writing other projects. It was also a lot of fun! We’re making progress on this, and it’s ready for other people to look at it. That’s a big step, and now we’ll see what people think.

I love Ratatouille because of its message, but I can’t do a whole other blog post about it after I just did one. But seriously, “anyone can cook.” So true! You can do anything. Doesn’t mean you’ll be good at it. Mainly just a reminder to accept greatness no matter where it might come from.

Taxes suck. Don’t get me wrong, I understand why they exist in the first place, because if you live in a country you owe something for the privileges associated with that life. But figuring out how to pay taxes sucks, and then actually forking over a ridiculous percentage of my bank account sucks even more.

Getting critiques can be fun. It’s so exciting when people read my work and leave little notes showing where they reacted to something. Sometimes it’s cool because I didn’t even mean something, and sometimes it’s nice because “yes, you noticed!” I love it when people notice the little details. Like if you made the extra effort to clean the kitchen, and a guest comes in and says “wow, your floors are so shiny.” It makes it all worth it, you know?

I had a spam comment telling me I should use Cialis, and I was like, “Seriously?” Have I ever put anything to indicate that would be at all appropriate on this blog? Ever? Spammers are so lazy.

So that’s me. All the little things.


Author: KPerkins

I'm a writer trying to figure out how to make something of myself, and that means writing a blog to prove to publishers and agents that I can actually make people interested in what I have to say.

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