6 Things I Love About Babysitting

My life goal is to become a full-time writer, more specifically a novelist. Unfortunately, that’s not the most financially viable career at the entry-level stage, so like most of my kind I have a day job. The dream is someday there will be nothing but me and my words that adoring fans will linger on. In the meantime, though, babysitting is my day job, and here are 5 things I love about it. Continue reading “6 Things I Love About Babysitting”


Lazy Day Quotes

(For the record, it’s not a lazy day in general, just a lazy writing day.) My computer is on an upswing of crazy behavior, so I’m not inclined to make this a long post this week. (No, I don’t think it’s a virus, I think my computer is just broken at a fundamental level and as much as I want to throw it out the window and simply buy a new laptop, I cannot afford that so here we are.) But I have accomplished a few things, so here’s evidence. Continue reading “Lazy Day Quotes”

This Week’s Oops Moment

I may have changed one of my character’s name and personality without realizing it. Oops.

He went from REDACTED to REDACTED, and his personality went from a slightly suspicious loner to a stressed bundle of nerves with no chill factor at all. It happened because I sort of stopped writing the book for a while, and when I got back into it last week I started with one of his POV scenes. And thus the change. He reacted to the situation I put him in as though he was a completely different character.

To be fair, this shift might have occurred regardless of gaps in writing. My outline shifted slightly since I wrote the first draft of it, and his personality changed to facilitate the plot better. If I hadn’t changed like that, it likely would have become stilted and strange. I hope. I really don’t know because he changed and that’s how it is.

The really embarrassing part is the name change. It’s not really a full change, exactly. More that I just changed the spelling without realizing it. And I don’t even have to say what the change was because before anyone sees it I can do a simple “search and replace” and fix it.

Of course, it wouldn’t have happened if I’d checked my notes before jumping back in and hoping for the best. Because, for some strange reason, I wasn’t able to perfectly recall every little tiny detail of the work I’d started a month prior, and oops, things went badly.

How to (possibly) recover from losing the thread of a novel

Uh-oh, I’m losing the thread of my novel. (Not interest in writing it, but losing track of my ideas and the characters because thanks to circumstances out of my control I had to take a long hiatus.) I took too long over the holidays, and I’m starting to forget important details (like the name of the planet they’re supposed to be on). If I’m being honest, I’m not entirely sure how to get it back, so I went back through the mental files and tried to remember the ideas that are supposed to help. With a few additions and tweaks for my own personality because some things are just more distracting than others. Continue reading “How to (possibly) recover from losing the thread of a novel”