October Goals

These are my goals for this month.

  • Get at least halfway through my part of co-authoring story
  • Keep up on related edits
  • Find a title!
  • Get to final draft of Vanity (anthology short story)
  • Critique all the other short stories for the anthologies
  • Complete outline for NaNoWriMo story
  • Brainstorm/rough outline the story that’s starting to bug me and threatening to
  • take over my desire to write currently plotted NaNoWriMo story
  • Dig out Straw Commander and start posting that on Scribophile, (but I have to
  • perfect it first and dazzle you all with how amazing it is, right?) as-is
  • Finish edits for early chapters of Princess and the Pea
  • Then ask people to take a look at them again

But also

  • Finish knitting ugly blanket (it really is ugly, I’m using up all my old yarn in one cacophony of mismatch) (it’s taken me all summer and I’m so ready to be done with this thing)
  • Read a friend’s anthology and let her know what I thought
  • Check forums and actually post stuff rather than lurking or just forgetting to be social at all

Hopefully I can get all this done, but I’ll settle for 80% because sometimes life just happens. We’ll see how it goes. What are y’all’s goals this month?


Author: KPerkins

I'm a writer trying to figure out how to make something of myself, and that means writing a blog to prove to publishers and agents that I can actually make people interested in what I have to say.

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