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With the help of my writing group, I spent the last month writing and polishing and perfecting a blurb for one of my novels. It was hard, but it was worthwhile. Writing a brief teaser for a book I’ve spent years writing is a tricky task, but the book (How to Write a Sizzling Synopsis, by Bryan Cohen) and the people in the group who did the exercises and critiqued the blurb (thanks to Elise for starting the whole process).

And here’s the blurb itself. Enjoy!

They came, they saw, they failed.

File clerk Elere Versan should not be in charge of the Earth Invasion Fleet, despite what’s written in her dossier. She finds herself leading the most ill-fated assault in the history of the Katule Empire. Spies fall for alluring rebels, soldiers catch the dire “flu”, and members of Elere’s crew plot against her. When the inertial regulator falls off, it’s a setback. When it lands in the hands of human revolutionary Kavan Crowell, it’s a crisis. Soon Elere will have to decide between letting Kavan save his planet or protecting her own crew. With no way home and conspiracies threatening the ship, Elere must rely on her ingenuity and cunning to survive the invasion and uncover the true menace.

Straw Commander is the first book of the Blankety-Blank (as in I don’t know what to call it, not that it’s actually Blankety-Blank) Series of sci-fi novels.