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This month has, overall, been pretty productive in the writing department thus far. Unfortunately, that productivity has not come with any kind of inspiration for writing blog posts. This just isn’t my thing. I keep reading about how you’re supposed to write nice long posts, and I can never quite manage it. Mostly because I can’t find good topics.

This post doesn’t have a good topic, either. It’s mostly just for fun, which is generally why I blog. If I tried to make money off it I would stress, and then that would be one more thing in life to bring me closer to a heart condition. So I guess I’ll just keep it the way it is for now.

Right now, I really like the Outlining Your Novel software, available on Amazon from Bob Miller, Inc. It’s based on the writing help book by K.M. Weiland, called Outlining Your Novel.

It’s a lot of questions, and it has some great ways of organizing story structure and character notes and all that. It’s definitely made for someone who enjoys making copious notes, and it would definitely help if I had the book. But I don’t yet, so I’m using the blog posts instead (found here). So far I’ve gotten a lot of use out of the character arc form, and I’m getting stalled on the character interviews. So many things to discover about my babies!

Favorite function is the character helps, from arc to interview. I struggle with finding my characters’ motivations in things, so sitting down and thinking about it now is huge for me!

Favorite fun function is the playlist tool, although I haven’t had a chance to use it yet. I love putting my stories to music!

So far I love the program because of the story issues resolved by working through it step by step. Well, so far only one surprise. But it’s still early stages, and it’s fun to see my story getting fleshed out little by little.

You could get the software here (Outlining Your Novel Workbook on Amazon) or you could get the book here (Outlining Your Novel ebook).