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I’ve been getting so many more spam comments lately and it makes me feel loved. I guess. In a weird way.

Spam is something I don’t understand. Why do people post this? Why do they think this will get them what they want? And what do they want, anyway? The motivations behind it all are inscrutable to me.

But on the other hand, at the very least someone is pretending to read it which gets me more hits. (Which makes me show up a little better on search engines which in turn makes it easier for more spammers to find me, but it also makes it easier for real people to find me and that’s a win.)

And I’m tagging a little better so my blog is easier to find. So it’s nice to have proof of that in the increasing number of comments that have no point and are usually badly spelled. They’re honestly a little amusing in how terrible they are. Some are in other languages, some are nonsensical strings of words, some make a cursory attempt to sound like they read the post (all while being generic enough to copy-paste for the next such post).

Sometimes I wish I was clever and/or dedicated enough to be the kind of person who trolls spammers, but I’m not. So I’ll settle for a “thanks for showing me that my blog is read just enough for you to think it’s worth your while to post spam comments.”

Now, to the people who do occasionally comment for real, y’all are awesome. It means a lot that you took the time to read and send me a line! And for the people just reading, you’re pretty great, too! I hope you’re getting something out of this little blog here.