Spam Flattery

I’ve been getting so many more spam comments lately and it makes me feel loved. I guess. In a weird way. Continue reading “Spam Flattery”


Random Story Doodle

I got really curious about what would happen if my alien character Elere had access to Pinterest. There was no point to this musing, it doesn’t fit anywhere in any of the stories I have written or plan to write, but it was fun going off on a tangent and it turned out okay so here it is. Continue reading “Random Story Doodle”

I’m In a Book!

I have some exciting news. I’m getting a short story published in an anthology, and this is what the cover looks like! I’m so excited. The book comes out June 17th, and (if I remember correctly) will be available on Amazon’s Createspace in paperback, and on Kindle as an ebook. The ebook is already available for preorder here: Continue reading “I’m In a Book!”

Adventures in Writing Life

I have/had a busy weekend coming up. The verb tense is confused because I wrote most of this post on Friday, and I finished it off late Sunday. So it got a little confused.

(How is it that I was preemptively exhausted for my weekend? This is not fair, I tell you.) Continue reading “Adventures in Writing Life”