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I like movies (which is nothing particularly revelatory, but it does establish a little context for this post). Ticket prices being what they are, there’s not a lot of chance for me to see many movies in the theater, so it’s telling that I saw Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 twice. I like this movie, for the soundtrack, the characters, the humor, and the story.

Because this.

Because who can resist this little guy?

The movie plot found what I considered to be a really good balance between humor and emotional moments. It was just as funny as the first one, but with a lot of poignant, emotional moments to counterbalance it. And that’s really all I can say about it without devolving into lengthy tangents and releasing a horde of spoilers. So I won’t go into it, because I’m not a good enough reviewer to avoid it. But it’s good! (Yes, I know this is lame. Reviews are something I need to practice.)

The characters developed more. Each of the mains had their own character development. Except Drax, who was still arguably a pretty round character even if he didn’t change much. Even two of the characters who were pretty flat in the first movie developed beautifully. Nebula and Yondu both had great character moments that really helped explain them and let the audience into their viewpoint, and they’re not even the main characters. (Important, but not main.)

Each character also had their use. In an ensemble that has a group of people as the focus it can be difficult to craft a story that allows all of them to shine. It’s when a character hangs around just because they were supposed to be there from a previous story, or because the writer wanted a sidekick or a particular type of character to be there but didn’t have a plan for them. I’d be hard pressed to find a character in this story who doesn’t have an integral role in the story problem’s final solution.

This was an amazing movie, and it should be seen for Baby Groot if nothing else.

I love you, infantilized sequoia.

So that’s my post this week. There’s not a lot else to write about. (Although I’m hoping to make an announcement about something I’ve been working on really soon, but it’s not quite ready yet. Keeps me busy, though!)

What movies have you seen lately that you would see again and again and again if it were possible?