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Subtitle: I have a schedule now that only Google is capable of remembering and somehow I still expected myself to keep writing at the same pace as when I had almost nothing else to do.

This was mostly just a post about my frustration with myself. Or it was, until I remembered the fact that this struggle is hardly unique to me, so now it’s kind of an attempt at commiseration. Because all writers go through this.

Blech, I’m miserable, so there. That’s pretty much it. I am essentially self-employed, and I failed at the goals I set myself. Never mind that they were ridiculous goals and I know that now. It’s still frustrating, and I want to wallow in it for a minute. So excuse me for a moment.

Everyone needs a screaming pillow

And now that’s done with and I have to get over myself. I know better how to create goals, and I am allowed to scale back and do what I can (just like everyone else who gets overwhelmed). There are times for pushing it, and there are times when you have to back off or risk a brain aneurysm.

Pick something, prioritize, find a reward for completion. On rare occasion, for the biggest goals, find a punishment for failure (but definitely a reward for achievement to go with it). Know the things that can fail if it comes down to it, and know the things that are too important. Know that, accomplish that, or at least make sure you make progress. Things are a lot less stressful that way.

Also be aware of fun habits. If I’m losing because of Facebook or Netflix, that’s on me. If the reason I’m failing is because I’m goofing too much, that needs to be evaluated as well.

In short, finding a target to shoot at is good. Beating self up for not hitting target every time is not so good. Figuring out how to work with an ever-changing target and learning to hit it most of the time is great.