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I felt like writing a goofy blog post. So I wrote this. It serves no purpose and adds very little to the overall discussion about writing. It was just fun to do. (As told through gifs) (With two for Sunday because reasons)


Writing is work. I must plow through and write all ten thousand words of my goal or else the whole week will be ruined.


Writing is exhausting. I’m going to watch a video.


Writing is hard. And now I feel guilty about yesterday, so I’m going to stay up late and catch up.


Writing is emotional. I have a headache, and I can’t even see straight enough anymore to properly procrastinate and watch TV, so I’m going to sit here and blindly type through all my feelings and thoughts about this character who is keeping me up at nights.


Writing is hard, exhausting, emotional work. I can’t believe I thought I could do this, but for the sake of consistency I’m going to at least finish this piece before I go hang out with friends.


Writing is so much fun! I had the greatest idea after I got home from being social, and that writer’s block is gone just in time for me to write all weekend long if I want to.


Writing is my happy place. Why no, I don’t want to leave the house, because I just have to find out what happens next and since I’m the writer I’m the only one who can make that happen so bye!

Bye-bye! Cave time.

Also Sunday

Writing requires naptime. Give me my computer back or so help me I’ll….

Here’s hoping this next week’s writing isn’t quite such a roller coaster as is represented here.