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Read a blog post challenging people to list 40 reasons why they love writing, so I decided to give it a try. Here’s my list! (Find the original challenge here, at positivewriter.com)

  1. I love writing
  2. I love stories
  3. J.R.R. Tolkien inspired me
  4. So did C.S. Lewis
  5. And more recently, Terry Pratchett
  6. Amongst many other writers whose stories I have consumed over the years
  7. Even the bad ones
  8. There are too many stories churning around in my brain not to put them on the page
  9. I’ve invested too much time at this point not to give publishing a go
  10. And once I get published I’ll have proof I can make money at this so I’ll keep going
  11. Awesome community of writers on Scribophile (here’s a link!)
  12. My writer friend Becca
  13. The kids I babysit who keep asking about my stories
  14. I can’t do martial arts so how else can I vicariously relive movie fight scenes?
  15. What else can I do with my English degree?
  16. I have four journals I bought preemptively because they were pretty so now I have to fill them
  17. Reason to search Pinterest (link) for pretty dresses so I can visualize for the story
  18. Reading books and watching TV becomes job research because I can say I’m analyzing the structure or something (this is usually even true)
  19. I can have that guy who cut me off in traffic get stomped on by a giant robot foot without facing legal charges
  20. The chance to explore more strange worlds than even Star Trek
  21. It encourages me to look into all kinds of diverse topics to make my books better
  22. Writing is, in the digital age, something we all use, so being a writer gives me a boost when I have to do so much as text
  23. The English language is a vast and mystical treasure trove of words from many eras and other languages
  24. Automatic membership in some pretty amazing communities just by claiming the title “writer”
  25. Books are amazing and I want my own
  26. I am not a good verbal communicator so it’s nice having something I can use
  27. I daydream about inspiring people with my writing
  28. Or at least making them laugh
  29. Or sigh with happiness
  30. Or not be able to put the book down until it’s done
  31. Writing is what I hope my legacy will be
  32. It’s a way to deal with the things in my life that are out of control
  33. It’s a way to vent
  34. It’s a way to take awful things and turn them into something useful
  35. It’s a chance to take wonderful things and give them to others
  36. I get to spend my days immersed in stories
  37. Reading books about writing is fun
  38. All book reading is fun, even my own
  39. Even editing is a chance to struggle through to something grand, that I created that no one else could
  40. Life without writing is, to me, not a life worth living