The Right and Wrong Advice

Every writer, myself included, has advice for other writers. Some of this is excellent and comes from a place of expertise. Some of it is terrible and no one should listen. Some is in the middle, so is either vague and unhelpful or else accurate but not coming from personal experience or knowledge gained. There is such a thing as right and wrong advice. The problem is, it varies from person to person. Continue reading “The Right and Wrong Advice”


Where To Start A Career

Well, I’ve made a huge mistake. But it’s okay, I can fix it. See, I read this article about a big mistake someone made creating their writing website. (And this is someone who has made a career out of helping authors build a platform, so if she says it’s a mistake it’s something to at least consider.) This mistake is to start with a free website. Continue reading “Where To Start A Career”

I Totally Forgot How To Character

Lately, in lieu of any larger projects to work on, I’ve been working on a few short stories. (I’m sure some people have noticed that as a recurring theme of my blog posts for a while.) My most recent piece of fiction has been dead on arrival, however. Not because of writer’s block (although maybe a little bit because of lack of time). Mainly I’m stumped because I made the mistake of going back to an old character. Continue reading “I Totally Forgot How To Character”

Letting Someone Else Take a Look (Sucks)

Letting an outside perspective take a look at my work is not my idea of fun. I recently sent out some work to be critiqued. They’re lovely people, and fantastic writers, but it’s still hard to watch one’s work be revealed as anything less than perfect. Like bubbles, writing feels kind of fragile sometimes.

Of course, no one says it’s easy to edit. Ever. And it’s easier to have these people look at it than try to find all the problems on my own, and it’s definitely easier than sending it out to publishers and agents and have them spot the errors. Just remember that it’s not perfect, but that’s okay.

It’s important to not be too sensitive about it, which is kind of hard to do because after spending so many hours on it a book becomes a kind of baby. Edits and critiques aren’t personal attacks (and if they actually are they can probably be ignored out of hand). They’re the opinion of someone else, and they don’t know the whole of the story or the intent behind a particular passage so you don’t even have to do everything they say.

But they also point out weak areas and missing details and typos and all those things that are a little hard to see sometimes. Kudos to all you critiquers and beta readers and editors and proofreaders, who contribute to make the written word the best it can be. I can’t do this without you.

Writing is hard. The important thing to remember is you wrote a book. That’s amazing. There wouldn’t be anything for anyone to read without that, good or bad.