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Which project to tackle next? It’s bugging me. Not that I can actually start for a while, but I really need something to shoot for so I can finally get motivated and get writing seriously again. Help me pick! Please?

There’s the next part in my Straw Commander series (failed alien invasion of Earth now teams up with plucky earthlings and cause chaos across the galaxy). Pros: characters I know well and have fun writing, nice epic scale so it’s a lot of writing and will keep my brain busy for a while. Cons: this would be book three and I haven’t really edited the first two more than a little so if there’s problems I’m just compounding them.

There’s High School Mastermind Petra Gray (forcibly reformed teenage supervillain attends high school). Pros: hijinks, cranky protagonists are fun to write, tropes to play with. Cons: I have to come up with a new name because I already used that one in a different book, currently tired of YA.

Third option is Beyond the Pail (con man in a fantasy world runs into some magical issues with his latest hoax). Pros: zany world I love working with. Cons: only a vague idea of what to do with this idea so would involve a lot of prep work.

Four, writing short stories. Pros: lots of stories in a short time means lots of satisfaction from completed work. Cons: I will also have to query those stories which is hard work.

And finally, I could come up with something new. Pros: new ideas invoke more enthusiasm generally, brainstorming could bring about a great new idea. Cons: I could also come up with nothing and waste a lot of time and get very frustrated with my levels of creativity.

So, that’s the options. Any help? Or, anything you’re working on that has you stumped for ideas? I’d love to hear about it.