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Ever so often, in the middle of a busy schedule, it is important to stop, let go of the stress and remember where to find the good things in life. (Like, for example, when rebooting one’s computer for the fourth time in an hour. That’s a good time to think of all the stories and fun games on said computer rather than thinking about where to find the nearest hammer or high window.)

There are the really great things like having a loving family, a home to live in, plenty of food, a job I love doing. Those are all good. But when life gets annoying, I think it’s better to think about the little happy things, to balance things out. Makes it harder to be frustrated about those reboots if I can use the time to check my phone and have a whole conversation with a friend.

I’m happy I got to have a bowl of Cheeto’s today. I’m happy it snowed. I’m happy I finished piece number two of the afghan I’m working on. Also happy about…

  • Hot chocolate
  • Keurig cups (for when measuring and preparing normal hot chocolate would be too much time for my young charges)
  • Ice cubes (for cooling down fresh hot chocolate to palatable temperatures)
  • Scrivener! (best writing tool ever!)
  • The word “abnegate” (being the perfect word for what I was writing)
  • Hugs, hugs, and more hugs
  • Lo mein
  • A GPS that works so much better than my last program (as in, I’m home right now and not hopelessly lost)

That’s the little things I’m grateful for today. Tomorrow it’ll be different. (Maybe I’ll even get to be grateful for going a whole day without rebooting this darned laptop.) What do you have that reminds you life isn’t as terrible as it seems when you get cut off in traffic or drop the eggs?