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This week was a little frustrating because I totally failed at accomplishing my goals for the week, and when I did my end-of-month tally I was confronted by the fact that I also failed at my monthly goals. On one hand, this was because my day job picked up a little bit and I was reading a lot more helpful blog posts and working on my limited networking skills. So no time. On the other hand, I hate not finishing my to-do lists. Gah!

But at the end of the day, it’s okay. Sometimes days, weeks, and months are all fails. Usually, in fact. We set goals, and even if they’re achievable life can get in the way and make it that much harder to make it. (And maybe I can pinpoint those moments in the past week when I didn’t push through and do the work even when I could have, but that’s something I’ll work on.)

This is important to me. Writing is important. I want to be a published author, and a well-read one (both in terms of me reading a lot and a lot of people reading my books). That’s what I fight for, what I aim for, and what terrifies me that I might not achieve. And sometimes that fear holds me back from trying at all, but more and more often it’s driving me to hope more and work harder for this goal.

It’s not blind hope or optimism, either. The power of positive thinking is well-documented. It’s choosing to live positively, and to not focus on the bad things and failings. To look to the future for possibilities, and to the present for what I can do right now to make my dream a reality.

So here’s me doing the whole self-motivational speech. This is possible. Achievable. And I’m going to make it.

Hope this is encouraging! Anyone else ever run into a moment when you were disappointed in yourself, and had to decide to keep going?