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There are so many writing blogs out there, and so many helpful people full of great advice that is well written and readily available for perusal. Sometimes it feels like too many. I get overwhelmed by the information available, or else I fall down a rabbit hole and spend hours searching around for the next post. This is not all that practical for getting my own writing done, so in recent months I’ve had to severely curtail my blog reading habits. But there are still a few that I read regularly.

I know there are a lot of blogs out there, and a lot of lists of great blogs on way more reputable and informed sites than mine, but these are the ones I like and I’m sticking to them. Personally, I like ones with a little humor to them, and a decidedly positive outlook. I also tend to favor the ones that offer practical steps to achieving a particular goal, whether that goal is becoming published or getting that first sentence to be perfect.

So in light of the many lists I’ve been reading lately on the best blogs of the year, here are the ones that I like to read.


This blog is great! It’s my favorite and I love it. Check out the Storytelling According to Marvel series of posts if you liked the movies, or the outlining series for a nice general process on how to start and what questions to ask.


This one offers less how to do things and more why to do them. Which in turn helps me prioritize what elements of my story or the querying process I want to focus on, and what I can relax about.


This is the highlight reel of a series of blogs in which qualified people answer questions for writers about various topics, ranging from economics to florists to legal questions and a lot more. They do their best to be thorough and factual and if they can’t answer a question they’ll usually refer the person to someone who can, or ask around until they have someone.

And there are a number of others I try to skim for information, but I read them less regularly in general and it would take forever to find them all. Also, I’ve been getting most of them from the “best blogs” lists on far more reputable sites like positivewriter.com and writersdigest.com, so you could just go and look at their lists for the last few years.

What are some of your favorite writing blogs? Any I should take a look at?