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Short story writing is hard. So far it’s taking about twice as long to write as the equivalent amount of words for a novel. I’m not sure if that’s because I’m that unfamiliar with short story writing (and thus subconsciously moving slower, more carefully), or if it’s just because writing a short story takes longer. Have to give it a few more goes before deciding.

Here’s all the opening lines I’ve gone through over the course of writing the rough draft:

  • Shelley Marchant often wondered what life was like for people who didn’t have an archnemesis.

Yes, I know it’s just the one. I don’t know if it’s any good, but it’s the only one that’s occurred to me so far so it’ll have to wait until edits. It was kind of weird, actually, that the story was able to start from this one line and progressed from there without being deleted or having more words added in front of it.

Of course, it’s more than been made up for by the number of closing lines I’ve tried.

  1. And as Maya screamed her outrage, Shelley went out into the night.
  2. She became a superhero.
  3. Shelley let go of everything she was thinking and stood tall.
  4. Murder on the knees with the landing, but such a cool exit.
  5. And then she got on with her life.

And those last two were just from yesterday.

Sometimes beginnings snap while the endings flounder, and other times beginnings are vague while the endings are inevitable and poetic. And any number of combinations in between. There are worse problems to have.

Anyone else having trouble with beginnings or endings?