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I’ve seen a bunch of these lists out there, and what I’ve seen is that there are a lot of things out there that would make great gifts for a writer. What I have also observed is that most of these gifts are expensive, and/or serve no actual use but just look nice. So here is the bargain bin version of that list.

(Or at least, things that I, a writer, would like to get)

  • A free pass from doing the dishes/garbage/dusting/etc (not all the time!) (just a few times)
  • Assorted pens, pencils, notepads, sticky notes, etc (but please ask the writer first because chances are they’ve ended up with a lot of something they thought they would use but never have so if you don’t ask you could add to the pile) (so please, mercy!)
  • Candy (or some other kind of easily nibbled form of sugar, because eating a few M&Ms makes a great reward for every hundred words completed)
  • Encouraging refrigerator magnets, plaques, notes (because as much as they clutter up the place, sometimes it’s nice to look up and see something to remind that someone out there believes that the writing is good) (not anything expensive, just a doodad because sometimes there just needs to be a doodad)
  • A book (any book, really) (preferably one in a genre appropriate to the person it is gifted to, but any book would work)
  • A long walk with company who doesn’t mind if a troubling scene is hashed out during the duration of the walk

And… that’s about all I’ve got. Honestly, there’s not much that I really need. Writing is one of those things you can do with minimal supplies, when it comes down to it. But Christmas lists are fun to make.