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The need to set goals has recently become an idea impressed upon me to some emphasis. (That sentence is weird. This is what happens when I start writing a blog post after 10pm.) Basically, I have been repeatedly reminded that I need to have goals or else I will never get anything done. Goals are important. They allow us to have some measure of progress, give us something to shoot for, and generally make life more structured. They can also frustrate and make us extremely unhappy with ourselves, which is why it is important to find those goals which suit us the best.

There are levels of goals. There are the ones that end up on bucket lists or “where I see myself in five/ten/twenty years” lists. We all need something to shoot for. These should be the ones that won’t be achievable overnight, but rather ones to aim up to. Then there are the one-year goals, things that are still hard but definitely within reach, something I can accomplish by devoting the time to it. Below that, there’s the little goals, the ones that aren’t so much goals as they are milestones on the way to the bigger goals.

I’m still working on deciding long-term goals. Like, I want to be published, but there are a lot of smaller steps to lead up to that, and it’s not the only thing I want to do with my life. What I really want to figure out is what I should aim for in 2017 to achieve the five-year goals. And for now, the most important thing is to set goals for December that are a) things that can be accomplished between the craziness of the holidays, and b) set up for success in the new year. So the focus is wrapping up present projects and doing whatever prep work is necessary for my primary goals next year. And also setting those primary goals for next year.

Like, for example, making it to 60,000 words for my novel last month. That was a goal. (Just had to drop that in there, for anyone who might have read my previous posts and noticed my general insanity at that point. It was for a good cause.)

Goals for December (to be changed and modified as necessary)

  1. Finish Piratical Nonsense (I figure there’s about 30,000 more words left before I’m done)
  2. Sign up for a few more writing job websites and start to build experience and a portfolio
  3. Bake cookies, buy presents, stop being a recluse
  4. Wait for Duolingo to finish the course in Klingon, because hobbies are important (It says it’ll be ready 12/31/16. I don’t think it will be, but hope springs eternal)
  5. Organize the short stories I’ve written, edit the ones that are good, find places to sell them
  6. Lots of critiques on Scribophile so I can post all of my book and get feedback on it

So that’s my month. Doable goals, except for number 4. That one’s just for hope.