Merry Christmas!

It’s almost Christmas! Shopping is done, cookies are baked, presents are wrapped. (At least, hopefully all that’s done. If not somebody’s in trouble.) And hopefully all this writing I’ve got backlogged will be caught up on before tomorrow so the day can be enjoyed peacefully. Or maybe I’ll just write a Christmas story featuring my characters, which will either be fun and a good exercise, or painful and take forever.

Mostly I just wanted to wish people a merry Christmas! Hope you have a lovely holiday season!


One of Those “Oops” Epiphanies

I have been having a bear of a time writing over the past few weeks. Part of it was exhaustion from lack of sleep, part was exhaustion from November writing, and part of it was that I do not want to write this scene. And there I was, struggling away with this scene that I couldn’t figure out how to flesh out, and then I realized what I was doing wrong. Namely, I was writing it at all. Continue reading “One of Those “Oops” Epiphanies”

Why I Love Writing

Sometimes it’s just important to remind oneself why something is important, why it sets a fire in your heart and a fever in your head. It’s especially a good thing at the end of the year, when we start thinking about all those things we meant to do and just starting to figure out what goals should be set for the next year. Writing is really important to me, and here’s why. Continue reading “Why I Love Writing”

Can You Read This?

The initial design of a blog is important, and I honestly did not spend very long on mine. For once, I can honestly say this was not out of laziness but more because the sheer array of choices (even among the free options that are all I can afford) is bewildering. I went with the first design that caught my fancy and that’s what I’ve stuck with since then. Now it’s time to do a little better. Continue reading “Can You Read This?”

Cookies! (And Also Writing Mojo)

Made cookies with my mom instead of writing. No regrets (other than not getting nearly enough sleep, but that’s an unrelated problem).

To prove it, here are pictures.

But now it’s time to get back to writing, and after a few days break post-NaNoWriMo, it’s really hard getting back into it. After the tremendous push, I felt justified in taking a few days off to regain equilibrium in my life and in my sleep schedule. (The former went much better than the latter.) Except that now, I’m still not writing, even though I said I would be by now.

For once, I haven’t lost the thread of my story. If anything, I needed a little time to create a decent outline for the next scene so it wouldn’t ramble so much. Puzzle creation is not my strong suit. Having taken the time, I feel more confident that I can write the scene successfully.

The problem is simply energy. For starters, I lost a lot in November and I still haven’t gotten it all back. There’s also quite a few demands on my time and energy that weren’t there in November (socialization with actual human beings, the things I put off for a month, cookie baking). I still feel sapped, and I don’t think it’s going away anytime soon.
So being the kind of person that I am, rather than sit down and work on my novel, I wrote a list of all the things I’m going to do to regain my writing mojo. (It’s a short list, because that energy is still not contributing a whole lot.)

  1. Sleep more.
  2. Get the writing done first.
  3. Less Netflix.
  4. Reclaim weekends for writing downtime, so I can catch up if I fall behind or just relax my poor brain.
  5. Eat cookies.

So, who’s with me? (Not with the writing stuff, the cookies. Holiday baking is the best!)