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Part of having a blog is finding the niche in which your blog belongs. This is essential for finding one’s audience, which in turn allows you to better interact with that audience because once you know it you can tailor your content to that audience. It also gives you an avenue to interact with other people who are in or adjacent to your niche, which allows for finding mentors and peers and all those good things that successful careers need.

I have no idea what my niche is.

I sort of have an idea, but it’s not a concrete example I can use to mold my approach. I’m also not so sure it’s the best audience for me to go after. Thus far, this blog has been written by a writer, aimed at other writers. Of which there are many, but there are also a lot of other blogs out there that are written by people with a lot more experience, a lot more work published, and a lot more to teach people.

There’s one thing I think I’ve gotten right. This isn’t a blog aimed at educating authors so much as inviting people to explore a concept with me. I’m not an expert, but that’s okay. It’s an adventure, and (I hope) I’m inviting people to go along with me.

So how exactly does one go about finding a niche? From what I’ve read, it’s possible to have one already through your work, to have an audience based on people already reading your work (in which case you already have real human beings to tailor content to). Or you can just go out and find one. Which is a lot more trial-and-error and takes a lot longer, but it works. Both approaches involve a lot of work, and a lot of connecting with people.

I’m not so good at connecting with people. In reality, I tend to avoid them. It’s something that I’ve got to get over if I’m going to be a decent writer, or ever have an audience past the people I know (which is not so many).

From the blogs and books I’ve read, creating a niche takes knowing what you’re good at, combining it in the perfectly doable mishmash that you and you alone are capable of, and then writing about it. It’s taking that writing and figuring out who might want to read it, then directing it to those people. Then, when those people are happy, you write more stuff directed at a slightly different group of people who can be drawn into the fold.

Or something like that. What niche do you occupy? Any advice on how to find mine?