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Good news, I made my word count yesterday.

Bad news, my brainstorming power all went to creating the beginning of this sucker and I have nothing left to come up with an idea for a blog post, and all my saved ideas seem crappy right now.

So here’s proof that I actually did my writing.

And a summary of my book that is already not very accurate and may change over the course of this month:

Mariska is not a pirate, but that doesn’t stop the guards of Morso City from hunting her like one. In the wake of several brutal attacks on the high seas and the theft of an ancient artifact, the slightly magical Mariska is a prime suspect. Of course, she’s a little too busy to submit to questioning, with her older brothers kidnapped by the famed Pirate Queen. She’s the only one crazy enough to try and rescue them, or at least she would be if not for the crew of the Sensha Dukata, who are on a desperate quest of their own. If Mariska’s going to keep her family and crew alive, she’s going to need every scrap of luck and magic she can find, even if it means delving deeper into history buried for a reason.

Finally, here is a gif that seems appropriate to my novel.

Happy writing! I hope all of you doing NaNoWriMo are in love with your stories. I’d love to connect with you.