Libraries: Restorers of Faith

I went to the library today and came home full of enthusiasm for writing and life in general. Sitting down almost immediately after to start writing this blog post, I made the connection that this is what usually happens after a library trip, whether I have an armful of books or not. And it’s not just what I get out of the reading, either. Made me curious to investigate.

My local library is adorable, by the way. It’s small, and most books I want to read have to be shipped in by interlibrary loan, but the librarians know me by name and have been known to reserve books for me that they thought I might like. (It’s also within walking distance, which is good for emergency weekend book runs and racing books back before they’re due.)

As writers, we all know that reading is important, and since 99.9% of us can’t afford to have libraries like Belle of Disney fame, libraries become our secret weapon. They’ve got everything we might want to read, and if they don’t have it they can get it from somewhere else. Need pirate research? No problem. Want a book of poetry, just to shake things up? There’s a whole section. Lost your copy of an old favorite and need a fix? It’s right over there. In a way, libraries are the source of our creative energy.

Personally, I daydream about there being copies of my books in my library someday. I think every time I walk through that door I get a small hit of that daydream, a boost that gets me to write more. Libraries restore faith in the writing process, because all of a sudden there’s visible proof that every day, books are being published. Good books, that librarians like to read and recommend to people.

So whenever you’re feeling depressed about writing or blocked or just bored, go to the library.

(Out of curiosity, what was the last book you got from the library? My latest was The Dead House, which is way out of my usual reading list, so we’ll see how that goes.)


Author: KPerkins

I'm a writer trying to figure out how to make something of myself, and that means writing a blog to prove to publishers and agents that I can actually make people interested in what I have to say.

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