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I’m pretty sure being a knitter came before being a writer, if only because my mom started me out with some giant needles before I could get all the letters of the alphabet straight. Of the two, writing is definitely my chosen career, but knitting is my favorite hobby. I’m pretty good at both. Doing both at the same time took a little practice, but even when I’m not multitasking there’s a lot to be said for knitting.

1. Knitting is a wonderful way to relax, to really let the mind unspool and rest from the raw creative power that writing can be.

1a. It’s something that doesn’t have anything to do with stories unless I so choose, so it’s liberating.

2. Conversely, knitting is a great tool to focus on writing, to give your mind something to partially focus on while the subconscious works out those important plot points.

3. Knitting is a great distraction, because I am a fidgety person and if I don’t keep my hands occupied bad things happen, like writing some things that should not be written.

4. Knitting is a great immersion tool, because I can imagine myself working away at whatever my characters are supposed to be working on.

5. Knitting keeps your hands warm, which is important going into the winter months in which our poor writerly fingers will be exposed to the elements while we bravely type away at our half-frozen keyboards.

6. Also, Christmas presents. Knit everyone scarfs in garter stitch and differing colors and you don’t have to use the brain space for shopping.

7. Knitting gives your eyes a break from the harsh light of the computer screen (unless you’re like me and you knit while watching stuff, but I still spend time looking back and forth so it’s not quite so intensive).

8. Knitting needles are pointy, which means that when you wave them in the general direction of interlopers attempting to interrupt writing time, they tend to back away slowly. Especially double-pointed needles.

9. Knitting provides a way to knit away the tension of writing that nail-biter action scene.

10. It also makes use of soft and fluffy materials so you will always have something to hug when the tear-jerker scenes become too much.

Knitting is amazing, but I’m sure there are a ton of other hobbies that provide a welcome respite from the rigors of creative writing. What hobbies do you pull out when it’s time for a break?