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I like music, and I like listening to music while writing. As such, I have written at least two other blog posts on the topic over the course of my blogging career. Now I’m going to write another one. But it’s not redundant, because here are Seven Ways that Music Makes Everything Better.

1. Music is a distraction. When I’m listening to music, I’m not thinking about my problems or editing. I’m enjoying something.

2. Music is an inspiration. Timely lyrics are a mood boost, are an energizer, and the right track can turn a story being written in the right direction.

3. Music is a vacation. Much like other media, music takes us places. It can relax or it can motivate, and it’s something where it’s fun to just sit there and do nothing but listen.

4. Music is a creeper deterrent. Wear headphones, crank up the volume, and ignore those who must be ignored.

5. Music is a way to have more fun writing. This one could just be me, of course, but having music with a good beat playing is the best way for me to get my word count back on track, and get a plot moving again. It can also take it in unexpected directions, which is more fun.

6. Music is a procrastination device. Can we say, spending more time making the perfect writing playlist than actually writing? But it sort of counts as productive, so it’s the best.

7. Music is art. We might not have the time to sit down with that great literary novel, or an afternoon free to wander around an art gallery, but we can all grab a music player, jam in the headphones, and listen to what moves us while we exercise or write or bake cookies or whatever. It’s the ultimate multitask!

I love music. (Well, not all of it, but it takes all kinds, right?) What’s your favorite time to listen to music?