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Well, I’m willing to admit that maybe I made a tiny mistake in starting a new blog when I wanted to make a platform. I threw away three years of a blog to get a clean start. I don’t regret that part of it, because my old blog was kind of a jumbled mess. (And I know this one isn’t perfect, but at least it sticks to one topic and the categories aren’t totally garbled.) The part I regret is giving up my old audience.

It was small, and I didn’t engage with it very well, but there was an audience there. Building an audience for a blog takes time. It takes some concerted efforts, targeted campaigns and all that, but mostly it just takes time. A blog isn’t going to be popular overnight. Writing good content takes practice, but what also takes practice is…

  • Marketing
  • Interacting with an audience
  • Putting blog posts where they’ll be seen (as in, figuring out the tags)

Beyond practice, people have to find the blog. Once they find it, they have to like it and stick with it, and eventually enough people will do that to build a pretty significant audience. That’s a platform.

It’s probably telling that not a lot of people who subscribed to that old blog came over to this one. I didn’t do a good job engaging people. That tells me something about what I used to do wasn’t working. I can do better with this one.

I’m pretty sure there’s a lot of #1 rules for blogging. This one’s more like a warning label. WILL TAKE TIME TO DEVELOP. As in, years. Sticking with it can be tiring, and sometimes frustrating, but it’s something worthwhile. Here’s hoping I can look back at this post in two years and see progress, and if that doesn’t work, three years.