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Camp is over, and I’m in the process of repossessing those parts of my brain that have been entirely taken over by my writing during the last month. So far it’s not pretty, but it’s only been a couple days. To help myself readjust to my normal schedule (and my normal writing workload), I’ve written a series of steps to take. Some of them may be more helpful than others.

Step One: Take a little breather. I’m not quite done with my present novel yet so I’m not dropping it completely, but I just did 55,000 words in a month. Which is a lot. After keeping such a frenetic pace, it’s nice to slow down, pick up a few short stories, give myself a little space to properly plot out the finale to my novel.

Step Two: Find something else to freak out about temporarily. This one isn’t exactly a step I planned on, but the fact is that I haven’t done much writing today simply because I had something else to stress out about, and since I didn’t have Camp to worry about completing anymore I was able to put all of my anxiety behind something different for a change.

Step Three: Find something relaxing that is not food (or Tumblr, which has become something of a guilty pleasure in terms of the time I waste, but there are so many fandoms to explore!). This book is never going to finish if I spend all my time building anxiety levels over things I can’t truly control anyway. There’s got to be at least one book that can calm nerves.

Step Four: Do a little oo-ing and ah-ing over those words that I’ve done so far. Yes, it’s a first draft, and yes, the beginning is total gibberish, but it’s a story that’s been fun to write, and someday it might turn out to be something good. I am allowed to take pleasure in this accomplishment, and celebrate this achievement with my cabin mates. (This goes for everyone who wrote so much as one word during Camp!)

Step Five: Find all those pieces of writing I abandoned at the end of June and pick them up again, ready to tear through them with gusto and hopeful a little skill. Because I’ve missed all these little babies, and it’s nice to get back to familiar drafts and old edits.

And finally, Step Six: Go to sleep! Seriously, though. No more cutting sleep to write or get a little bit closer to my word count. My goal for this week is to get back to a normal sleep schedule that doesn’t involve staying up until 1am. (So far I’m not doing so great at this, but there’s still a few days left in the week.)